Lexus LFA Supercar + NASCAR V8 = Drift Monster

The Lexus LFA is not what you'd call a common car. It debuted for 2011, took over a decade to develop, sold for an eye-watering $375,000, and a scant 500 of the V10-powered production cars have ever graced this earth.  Today, we're privy to one of the nastier members of the family. This is an LFA, but unlike its 4.8-liter V10 siblings, this Lexus packs a Toyota Racing Development V8 engine, developed for NASCAR use. Japanese drift legend Youichi Imamura will use it to contest this year's D1GP drift series, a racing series he's won four times before. In terms of the equipment at his disposal, his chances in 2015 look pretty good too. Take a look. RELATED: See more of the gorgeous Lexus LFA 'Nurburgring Edition'
RELATED: Toyota took its Yaris hatchback and turned it into a monster One part of me is deeply pained to see an LFA lose its screaming V10 engine, but on the flip side it means there's one more 552 horsepower 1LR-GUE V10 to go around, and the Lexus couldn't have found a more appropriately nutty engine replacement. TRD crafts the 725-horsepower NASCAR V8s, which are said to individually take around 130 man hours to build, at its Costa Mesa workshop in California. They're good powerplants too; in 2013, Toyota Sprint Cup teams came away with wins at 14 of 36 races. What would you do with that extra LFA V10 engine? RELATED: A Lexus LFA successor is on hold, at least for now via: Jalopnik ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide