You Can Actually Buy this Disney World Monorail

Many Disney fans would kill to bring a part of the Magic Kingdom home with them after a trip to Walt Disney World, but sadly, massive amusement park rides don't come up for sale too often and certainly aren't all that easy to transport.  Happily though, thanks to the Internet, you can now purchase quite possibly the next best thing – one of Walt Disney World's monorail cars. It's listed up for sale on eBay, and according to the seller, it's the only Disney monorail to make it into private ownership. It will cost you a pretty penny though. Bidding starts at $160,000. Check the link for more photos. RELATED: This rare red DeLorean barn find showed up on eBay Walt Disney World's iconic monorail system began operation in 1971, with the first major expansion from Magic Kingdom to Epcot occurring in 1982. Those first rail cars are known as Mark IV trains and were built by manufacturing powerhouse Martin Marietta. The current crop of monorail cars are known as Mark VI trains, and entered into service in 1989. A total of 12 Mark VI's zip an average of 150,000 passengers around Disney World on a daily basis. The monorail train offered for sale appears to be one of the original Mark IV cars. The seller describes it as all intact but “not perfect.” There are a few blemishes on its exterior but it is said to come with its original wheels, interior, and unaltered operator's cab. As an added bonus, the seller mentioned the monorail comes with its transport trailer and free delivery. Sorry, big rig truck not included. RELATED: The super-luxury Japanese train costs nearly $2,000 for two nights So what do you do once you buy a Disney icon? Good question. The seller suggests you could turn it into a backyard mancave, a kid's playhouse (quite an expensive one), or mount it to a bus chassis and cruise around your neighborhood. We'll add 'monster truck' to that list too. Why not? RELATED: Check out this insane school bus monster truck ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide