Watch a Lexus IS F Take to the Air in a Drag Race

This insane video of a drag race gone wrong features a Lexus IS F that thinks it can fly. It all happens in just under 20 seconds. The EkanooRacing twin-turbo Lexus IS F bolts off the line and within seconds you can see things go terribly wrong. The car catches air and the front end lifts about three seconds into the race and that's only the start of this driver's troubles. RELATED: Watch a Dragster Go Airborne at 280 MPH Once the front end lifts, it just keeps right on going until the car is practically standing on its rear bumper. Of course, that rear bumper isn't touching the ground either and the whole car shifts off to the side of the track and smacks into the wall. The impact looks awful as a shower of sparks and debris litter the track while the car continues on over the rail. It's incredible how quickly this all goes wrong, but even more incredible is the fact that the driver was just fine. He walked away without a scratch and is ready for the next race. The car, well, that might be another story but those are at least a lot more replaceable than people. RELATED: Watch a Nissan GT-R Crash During a Drag Race
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