Miniature Motorcycles So Detailed You'll Swear They're Real

There are plenty of model kits out there that will let you build your favorite car or motorcycle in miniature, but these models are something else. They're 1:5 and 1:6 scale models that are so accurate and so detailed that they're impossible to distinguish from the real thing. They're the work of Pere Tarragó who lives in a Spanish town called Molins de Rei. The process starts with photographs of the bike he wants to build. He then makes drawings and copies the decals from a full-scale bike. He likes to stick with building classic Spanish bikes like Bultaco, Montesa, and OSSA, but he's been known to expand to Moto Guzzi and even Henderson and Indian. RELATED: See The Real 2015 Bultaco Rapitan Once he has all of the necessary details, then he heads back into the workshop to build the model. This involves lathes, milling, and welding with the same materials you'll find on the real bikes. There's steel, aluminium, brass and soft-tempered Nappa leather in his miniatures rather than plastic. According to BikeExif, it takes him weeks to put a model together, including the brakes, clutch, wheels, and transmission. The controls all work and, depending on the bike, the brake lever will move the brake pads and the front suspension operates with friction plates and leaf springs. After 250 to 400 hours, his miniature work of art is complete. RELATED: See The 2016 Indian Chief Dark Horse ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide