Idiot Takes Handicapped Parking Spot, Threatens Handicapped Person

[Warning: explicit content, language] Just in case you forgot, there are a lot of extremely mean and negative people in the world. This story out of Miamisburg, Ohio, is a horrifically perfect reminder. This past year, Ashley Brady lost her leg in an accident. At 26, she was forced to relearn how to walk with a prosthetic limb with an entirely unfamiliar set of challenges every single day. In order to make her life slightly easier, she arranged with her apartment building to have a front-row handicapped parking spot. Within the first week, somebody (somebody not handicapped) parked in the spot without permission. So Brady left a stern note warning about a tow in an attempt to ensure the parking was available next time. The reply note she received in return can't be described as anything but purely evil ignorance. Take a look: RELATED: Parked Mercedes Racks up $22,000 in Tickets "Hey Handicap?" Are you kidding? This lady is completely oblivious and clearly has no understanding of respect, or the law for that matter. There's no reason to bully anybody, but doing this to a handicapped person is gut-wrenchingly disgusting. Ironically, she signs the bottom of the note "b*tch," which was probably intended to call Brady such, but just makes it look like that's who she is. Brady has since filed complaints with both the police department and the apartment complex. Let's hope nothing like this happens to her again. Here's the story direct from Ashley: "I lost my leg over the summer and am just trying to adjust to my new life. I requested to have a handicap parking spot to my apartment but with the ground being frozen I had to wait almost all winter. I FINALLY get my parking spot and this small victory meant soo much to me. Then after having my parking spot only 2 days a lady who was not handicap and does not have plates parked in my spot. I left her a note saying why I needed that spot, that I found it disrespectful, and if she did it again she would be towed. This was the note I found on my car in return." RELATED: 10 of the Worst Parking Jobs You've Ever Seen Image Credit: Amputee Coalition of America / Facebook _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide