This Gold Widebody Corvette on Forgiatos Would Make Goldmember Blush

Excuse the late pass, but this particular Chevrolet Corvette C7 Stingray needs to be brought to your attention. Not that it needs any help with that. Forgiato first showed off a collection of widebody Corvettes in a beautiful collection of primary and pastel colors about a year ago, and since, the wheels company has continued tinkering. One of its most recent iterations of the Stingray was first put on display at SEMA this past November. The car has a different grille, new intakes, new F2.21 ECL five-spoke wheels, and the loud gold chrome wrap, most notably. The rear is also matted black for a nice contrast. PHOTOS: See More of the All-Gold-Everything Forgiato Corvette Stingray The forged F2.21 ECL is available in 20-, 21-, 22-, 24-, and 26-inch sizes and can be personalized in 11 different ways, from the cap logo to the spoke insert. Price isn't available online, due to the custom nature of most orders. Naturally, this car has a nice sponsorship from London's Gold & Co., the brand known for its gold-plated iPhones. Now, sit back, make sure you have some good headphones on, and allow yourself to be rocked into a trance by this gorgeous glamour shoot of the 'Vette. Yes, burnouts included. RELATED: See Photos of the Sinister GeigerCars Corvette Stingray
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