This Jaguar E-Type was Given a Frankenstein Makeover

This Jaguar E-Type lived a long, happy life before it was left for dead in a field. It had no doors, windows, or hood when it was discovered by Richard Fairbairn and given a second chance at life. Though, he chose not to try and restore it to what it was, but rather, to cobble together all the bits and pieces and create a wonderful Frankenstein of a car. His plan came together when he met Mike Hill of Survivor Customs who understood Fairbairn's vision and knew how to make it a reality. A BMW E30 Cabriolet was purchased from a friend to start things off. It was already a Frankenstein in its own right with an engine swapped for a 24-valve, iron blocked M50 from an E36. This car provided the perfect framework for the E-Type with overall dimensions that, although requiring modifications, worked. RELATED: See the 2014 Jaguar Lightweight E-Type There are myriad details that were added as the Jaguar slowly came together like copper brake lines riveted into the service headlight as bezels and more copper filling gaps around a windshield that didn't quite fit. According to Cafe Roadsters, it also has a custom prop shaft and a modified motorcycle exhaust with a nice, raspy snarl. There are scars from some shotgun pellets and the body is a combination of bare steel with a smidge of the original red paint all covered with yacht varnish for protection. The body parts are stitched together making it look even more like Frankenstein's scarred face. What do you think? Is this pieced together Jaguar E-Type sacrilege or is it a monster that the villagers will embrace? RELATED: See The 1960 Jaguar E-Type Prototype E2A   ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide