Cameras in Hertz Rental Cars Are Making Customers Paranoid

Smile! You're on Hertz Rent-a-Car camera! At least, that's what some customers think. Last year Hertz installed the most updated version of their GPS systems (NeverLost 6) on some of their available rental cars, and small cameras and microphones in the corners of the units are making some drivers uneasy. There have already been accusations that Hertz is spying on its customers. According to the rental car company, that is far from the truth. "The camera feature has not been launched, cannot be operated and we have no current plans to do so," Hertz told Fusion. In a more concerning statement, however, it seems the cameras aren't off because the company is worried about privacy infringement. "We do not have adequate bandwidth capabilities to the car to support streaming video at this time," Hertz said. So does that mean, whenever there is adequate bandwidth capabilities that the cameras will be turned on? This tweet suggests it's still a possibility: 
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Right now, in addition to hands-free calls, access to rental record info, a travel guide, weather, flight info, and a "NeverLost Concierge," the units have an option to contact Hertz. The potential to turn the cameras on would imaginably be to video call Hertz reps when you have a problem. Or it really could be to watch customer and potentially call them out/fine them for any sort of infractions or breakage of their contracts. It's understandable that people are worried about privacy, but here's a quick thought: there are already cameras everywhere. There are cameras on the streets, there are cameras on your phones, there are cameras on your TVs and laptops, and there are likely cameras in whatever office you work in. Are you really that worried about a camera in a car you might use for a couple days? If you are, then don't use Hertz, simple as that. RELATED: Ryan Tannehill Left an AR-15 Rifle in his Rental Car Photo Credit: Fusion ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide