7 Green Supercars for St. Patty’s Day

Hey everyone, did you know it's Saint Patty’s Day? Here in America we drink green beer, Guinness, and other different types of beer. Have you all started drinking? Because I have. Here are seven supercars that go fast and are green like beer. McLaren P1 Look at this green McLaren. It’s green like the paint and green like the engine because it’s hybrid. I like this one. Ferrari LaFerrari Hey, this one is green too. Almost like a hybrid, but with 950 horsepower. Do they drink green beer in Italy? Probably not. BMW i8 Silly BMW i8, you’re not supposed to be green on the outside. Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera They don’t make this one anymore, but it’s still green. It goes fast too— 570 horsepower. They should make this one again. Dodge Viper USA USA USA USA USA USA USA! Green baby! Weissman MF5 GT The good thing about this car is that it’s green and, um, it’s from Germany. You guys should drive one; it’s pretty sweet. It kind of looks like a bug. Lexus LFA And who said Japan doesn’t do things? This Lexus LFA is green and it goes fast because it has a V10 and 552 horsepower. Did you see the Top Gear where Jeremy Clarkson drove the yellow one? What green cars do you guys like? Photo Credit: Arnoud Wilbrink ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide