2018 Honda CR-Z Could Ditch Hybrid Unit for Turbocharged Engine

In 2010, Honda gave us a car that no one specifically asked for — the lukewarm hatch that was the CR-Z. It looked good enough, and it evoked enough nostalgia to pique our interest, but no one loved that hybrid drivetrain. Thankfully, Honda is ready to listen to its inner enthusiast. At least, that's according to people at Car and Driver, who say a new CR-Z will come sans hybrid when it hits the market sometime in 2018. RELATED: See Photos of the Hotted-Up Honda CR-Z Mugen "The two reasons that forced Honda to phase it out [in Europe and Australia], namely its weak street cred and lack of performance thanks to its ho-hum hybrid power unit, have been addressed. The new coupe will be a force to reckon with,” the unnamed source said. It all sounds promising, and when you consider reports from 2013 back up these claims, it definitely sounds like something that could happen. Though, we’ll have to wait a few more years to find out for sure. RELATED: 5 Things You Can Expect From a New Honda S2000 ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide