Bodie Stroud's X-100 Pickup is a Thing of Power and Beauty

Resto-mods in themselves are a thing of beauty. Combine what hot-rod builder Bodie Stroud thinks are both, "Timeless Lines, (and) Modern Tech," (and he should know), and you get some of the coolest creations around. That montra definitely stays true with his latest build, the BSI 1956 X-100. While the Ford F-100 has remained one of the most widely customized vehicles ever, it’s rare to see one done up with this level of both engineering and precision. The X-100 is uniquely Bodie in its execution. Bodie’s crew starts off with a pristine 1956 Ford F-100. Any rust, and the truck is thrown out. They then take those beautifully maintained bodies and chop a few inches off the hood and extend the body to sit up against the running boards totally flush. The end result of all the exterior modification is one that screams classic American hot-rod. RELATED: See More of the Gorgeous BSI X-100 Pickup Underneath that pristine, glorious exterior sits the true level of craftsmanship that Bodie has come to inhabit. Instead of refurbishing and using the F-100’s old chassis, the team builds its own custom high-strength box frame. Meaning that this new chassis is not only more rigid, but unbelievable adaptable to anything the crew wants to do, including the suspension. Like most other resto-mods, the X-100 can take a corner. Using a fully independent suspension up front, and a custom four link attached to a 9in rear end, this truck will definitely be able to turn in hard. But this isn’t just some canyon carver, it’s a proper street machine. RELATED: See Photos of a Stunning 1969 Mustang Resto-Mod While Bodie’s shop will happily drop a naturally aspirated brand new Coyote crate motor into the X-100, the real engine to get is the 630 horsepower supercharged Ford Aluminator racing engine. That coupled to the rest of the truck means this pretty little thing will definitely get up and go like a stabbed rat. Bodie though sums up the truck best. “When most people think about classic trucks, what comes to mind is usually the 1956 F-100, it’s one of the most timeless designs of all time. I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if someone put that truck back into production, preserving the truck’s basic look, but with modern suspension, a brand new Ford Racing motor and transmission, and the interior and gauges from a late-model F-150. Then we decided to just go ahead and build the X-100 as a limited run production vehicle.” RELATED: Watch When We Drove the CR Supercars Mustang Villain We’re going to be driving the X-100 soon, so stay tuned! ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide