See How a New RV Lets You Take Your Motorcycle Along

Used to be if you wanted to hit the open road in your 5th wheel RV, it was practically impossible to bring along a motorcycle. One company has come up with a solution that seems pretty ingenious. And, if a motorcycle isn’t in your RV lifestyle, the company also offers a spare bedroom option for when the grandkids come to visit. The lifestyle of the 5th wheel RV is moving on up in so many ways. RELATED: World’s Most Expensive RV Sold in Dubai Lifestyle Luxury RV has unveiled the Alfa Gold 3905SH Side Hauler. It features a large 4-foot by 9-foot, 36 square-foot, slide room. Lifestyle Luxury has come up with a power lift system that allows one person to load and unload a full-size motorcycle. The lift system is 8-foot long and about 2-feet wide and is built with 3/8 inch steel powder-coated for durability. The heavy-duty winch uses aircraft-grade cable. Probably one of the more appealing parts about this motorcycle garage is it protects your bike from the elements when traveling. It also shields it from prying eyes who might lift it while you sleep the night away. RELATED: See 7 Awesome RVs for a Road Trip
Of course, the best part about the video explaining the motorcycle lift might be the blooper reel. Necessity might be the mother of invention but it doesn’t mean some of these dumb mothers understand basic physics. ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide