Petition to Reinstate Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson goes Viral

The presenters of the BBC's Top Gear have famously called the program “just a hokey motoring show”, but a massive worldwide outpouring of support for suspended leading man, Jeremy Clarkson, is proving quite to the contrary. Following the announcement of Clarkson's suspension over a 'fracas' with an assistant producer, fans launched a petition to the BBC on to reinstate Clarkson. At the time of writing, the petition has been live for 20 hours and has already garnered over 350,000 supporters. RELATED: The Top Gear crew recently attacked in Argentina The petition carries the Twitter hashtag, #BringBackClarkson, and lists the signers' grievances, many of which center around political correctness to the extreme. Signing UK residents in particular have also noted that the BBC's move against Clarkson disregards the program's countless fans who pay the BBC's TV licensing fees. Originally, little was known regarding the reason behind Jeremy Clarkson's suspension, however The Telegraph is reporting that Clarkson allegedly hit Oisin Tymon, one of Top Gear's assistant producers, over a catering mixup during a film shoot last week. Filming for this weekend's episode, which would have occurred Wednesday, has been scrubbed. That episode and all subsequent episodes will be on hold until an investigation is complete. VIDEO: The Top Gear boys got a LEGO makeover After the announcement, Jeremy Clarkson quietly took to Twitter and responded to co-presenter James May's comments, “No Top Gear this weekend, apparently. How about 633 Squadron instead?” Clarkson suggested watching 1968's Where Eagles Dare instead, and Richard Hammond suggested BBC sitcom Last of the Summer Wine. RELATED: A Top Gear fan built an incredible McLaren F1 replica _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide