The BMW i Remote Is the Apple Watch's First Car App

Apple's newest product for the hypebeasts, the Apple Watch, was officially unveiled this week. The smartphone for your wrist comes in two sizes and a variety of different colors and materials and ranges in price from $349 for the base to $17,000 for a limited edition 18-karat gold version. Like any new smart device, a smaller amount of apps will be available due to the required redesign and integration. Among the first available apps when the watch goes up for sale on April 24, however, will be the BMW i Remote, which is already available for Apple iPhones and iPads. PHOTOS: See the Full Gallery of the BMW i8 Hybrid Supercar

On the BMW i Remote Apple Watch app, users will be able to control and monitor a host of things on their BMW i3s or i8s. The most useful feature will likely be the ability to check a car's battery level, estimated range, and how long it will take to charge. The app will also help you locate nearby charging stations, and you can even schedule specific charging sessions.

Additionally, the app allows you to set the climate control, lock or unlock doors, flash your lights, or even honk your horn. Finally, you can also send location info to the car's map, if you're planning an upcoming trip. Lucky for you, if you've already spent your hundreds and thousands of hard-earned cash on the Apple Watch and BMW i cars, the app won't cost you any extra; it's free.

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