Jeremy Clarkson Reportedly Threw Punch at Producer, 'Top Gear' Season Postponed

Apparently, a fracas includes some sort of physical element in addition to a simple verbal confrontation. After the news earlier today that Jeremy Clarkson had been suspended from Top Gear, a report from Radio Times claims that Clarkson tried to punch a male producer on the show, and the remaining episodes of this season have been put on hold. The incident reportedly happened this past week, but nobody said anything to BBC until yesterday. With a long list of questionable decisions that have previously put him under scrutiny, Clarkson was immediately suspended this morning by BBC. The name of the person he attempted to punch has not been released, but as many as 10 people have been labeled producers in episodes this season, ranging from Film Producers to Series Producers to Assistant Producers to Executive Producers to just plain old Producers. RELATED: Jeremy Clarkson Suspended from Top Gear Amidst the news today, all three presenters, Richard Hammond, James May, and Clarkson have continued to joke about the situation, each suggesting different films that BBC should air in Top Gear's place. BBC has yet to release a second statement about the punch, but stay tuned for more info as it comes in. RELATED: Top Gear Under Fire After Filming Near a Fatal Accident Photo Credits: egm Car Tech, Jersey Bill _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide