Watch These Supercars Take Off on the Targa Trophy Grid

What you're seeing here is the 3rd annual Targa Trophy Holiday Cruise & Food Drive Special Event, in support of the Southern California Salvation Army. Since Targa Trophy is a native Southern California brand, the rally chose two of its biggest markets – Orange County and Los Angeles (Newport Beach to Malibu) as the host destinations for the holiday road rally. The Holiday Cruise brought out not only a lot of donations on the charity end, but also a great display of supercars. Targa Trophies are incredible events to drive in. This video — contrary to the previous video showing what it's like to drive in the event — shows how much fun a spectator can have. RELATED: See Photos of the McLaren 650S Supercar From tuned Subaru STIs to BMW M3s to supercars like the Porsche 918, the start grid as well as the departure of the cars alone are worth coming out to the events for, even if you aren't driving in it. That being said, watch and listen to these cars take to the Targa Trophy grid:
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