Wake Up to This Stunning Time Lapse Footage

Not everybody gets to be a world traveler, but thanks to the Internet, seeing the sights, people, cars and local culture of a foreign country has never been easier. And in the format of nighttime time lapse photography – it's downright epic.  This rather amazing footage was compiled by Armenian photographer Gevorg Gasparyan in the country's capital city of Yerevan. The project took many nights over the course of a year to complete. All-in-all Gevorg captured 56 different shots, 15,480 photos, and 34 gigabytes of raw data. Take a look. RELATED: Check out the 11 Cars the US Needs, But Can't Have
Yerevan might be 5,640 miles away from the shores of Manhattan, and much further for many major US cities, but at night you surely can't tell. Traffic stacks up at stoplights like any other urban area, the nightlife is sprawling, and billboards blink on and off throughout the night. You might even recognize most of the cars in the time lapse. Anyone feeling sleepy? RELATED: Meet Brazil's awesome version of the Ford Bronco _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide