Watch EKanoo Racing's Toyota Supra Blitz to 215 MPH

The Toyota Supra is an automotive legend. Enthusiasts are hitting Death Valley levels of thirsts for a new generation, especially after seeing the FT-1 Concept. For now, however, among numerous rumors constantly kicked around, everybody just has to make do with the older cars. EKanoo Racing is certainly doing that and a whole lot more. In Round 5 of BDRC races, this highly modded stock chassis Supra absolutely destroys the drag strip. Driven by Mohamed Shakeeb, it runs a 6.637 and gets to a personal record for the car of 215.9 mph. And watching it do that is majestic. The acceleration is just unreal. EKanoo's tuning team for this car includes Shane T , Josh Ledford, and Haider Mohamed RELATED: Photos of the 2015 Toyota Supra Concept the World Needs

If you know EKanoo, you know this isn't its only Supra. The tuners also own the first Supra to ever break into the fives in the quarter mile, running a ridiculous 5.97 seconds, an accomplishment that was 14 years in the making. This incredible speed and power is all coming from supremely altered turbocharged versions of the 2Jz straight-six engine.

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