GMC Typhoon is a Piece of the '90s We Want Back

Who doesn’t love a good super truck? That was effectively the question we posed yesterday, asking whether you’d rather have a GMC Syclone or a Ford F-150 Lightning. From what we could gauge, responses were evenly mixed… but one outlier kept coming up. The Syclone’s crazy little brother, the GMC Typhoon.  The Typhoon might not have been GMC’s original super ute but with a second row of seating, the boosted SUV was arguably more practical than the Syclone pickup and its 500 pound cargo capacity. This teal colored 1992 Typhoon is currently up for sale on eBay, and the early ‘90s have never looked quite so good. RELATED: See more photos of the 1991 GMC Syclone At the end of the day, both of GMC’s “SyTy” siblings were simply knockout heavy hitters. Whereas the Syclone got its bones from the Sonoma pickup, the Typhoon ported the Syclone’s powertrain over to the two-door Jimmy. That meant 4.3-liters of turbocharged Vortec V6 put to the ground through a four-speed automatic and a Borg Warner 35/65 torque split all-wheel-drive system. Power remained the same at 280 horses and 350 lb-ft, and the Typhoon could stretch its legs to 60 mph in a swift 5.3 seconds. Despite the Syclone’s outrageous performance for a truck, it commanded a steep price tag back in ’91 - $25,500 – and didn’t exactly fly out of dealerships. GMC shuttered a second year of production, and found greener pastures with the Typhoon SUV. It commanded an even higher ask of $29,700, but netted 4,697 SUV-crazed buyers between 1992 and ’93. Also unlike the Syclone, you could spec your Typhoon in something other than Darth Vader black. RELATED: Check out more photos of the GMC Typhoon Ownership of this teal and grey Typhoon earns you entry into a small group of SyTy owners, with just north of 130 teal Typhoons rolling off the production line. This model shows a scant 33,546 miles on the odometer, and the seller (second owner) provides a fairly extensive thread giving its history. Black might be the color to have… but there’s something perfect about the grey-on-teal. RELATED: Check out the 2015 GMC Canyon pickup _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide