Ludacris' New Album Cover Features His Original 1993 Acura Legend

If case you forgot that Christopher "Ludacris" Bridges is actually a rapper and not just some guy in Fast & Furious, he's been releasing a bunch of new music to remind everybody. After releasing the Burning Bridges EP in December and his Ludaverses freestyle series in January, his eighth studio album Ludaversal drops March 31. The cover art of Ludaversal shows his pristine 1993 Acura Legend, the same car he's had since before he was rich and famous. If you used to watch MTV, you saw this car on his episode of Cribs back in the day. He wasn't always driving Lambos and Ferraris, you know. The image is actually just an altered version of an Instagram photo he'd previously posted. RELATED: See Photos of the Acura NSX Supercar Ludacris has detailed in previous interviews that the car now has more than 250,000 miles on it and that he used to and still does write music in it. He's also mentioned that he's had the interior redone and swapped in a new engine. Behind the car is his private jet, which is just a tad less humble of a vehicle to be showing off to the public.

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