This Rally Crash Will Leave You Looking for the Brakes

Professional rally driving is no easy task. Blind turns can lead into steep drop offs, and behind every bump in the road there always seems to be an errant tree or ditch waiting to collect you car. Not to mention, all this is happening at unthinkably fast speeds.  Given its difficulty, mistakes are made and crashes do happen, like this one witnessed at this weekend's Rally Mexico. Estonian driver Ott Tanak lost control of his M-Sport Ford Fiesta on stage three of Friday's event, sending him and co-driver Raigo Molder down a hill and into a reservoir. Luckily, both escaped uninjured, but the same couldn't be said about their car. RELATED: Toyota turned its Yaris hatchback into a rally monster
The car suffered roll damage and would stay at the bottom of the deep reservoir for around 10 hours until divers could locate it and winch it to the surface. The M-Sport team worked through the night to get the heavily water damaged car, nicknamed “Ti-Tanak” back onto the line for Saturday morning's stages, and replaced its gearbox, fuel tank, turbo, radiators, electronics, brakes, suspension, body panels, as well as repaired the engine. Amazingly, the team got the Fiesta back together and in working order but lingering water damage kept Tanak on the sidelines. Check out what the crash looked like from the cockpit. RELATED: Yes! The 2016 Ford Focus has a drift mode
Note Tanak's lucky rubber ducky swimming around in the water-logged Fiesta. Post-crash, the Estonian mentioned that “Duck” will be retired from cockpit duty. VIDEO: Watch this rally driver come face to face with another car! ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide