Brian Johnson from AC/DC is known first and foremost as a rock legend, but he hasn’t wasted (all) his money on drugs and women.

He’s been investing in some sweet sheet metal, as a peek into his car collection shows. When he’s not touring the world performing hits like, “You Shook Me All Night Long,” he’s into his cars. We caught up with some of them thanks to his show, “Cars That Rock.”

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Maybe the most distinct car in his collection is the 1965 Lola T70 Mark 1. Only 15 were built and he has Chassis No. 15. It has a Ford V8 with a mind boggling 640 horsepower engine. Johnson says. “If there is anything that is going to scare you in life, it’s this,” he said. It may be scary but he loves its exhaust note. “I sing rock and roll in a rock and roll band,” he says, “but there’s no music like this music.”

Of course, Johnson owns another Ford V8. This one’s packed into the Petty Garage Mustang GT he just bought. It “only” has 627 horsepower.  

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Johnson says his Ferrari 458 Italia is his favorite modern day car. He calls it one of the most beautiful Ferraris ever— and doesn’t care if you disagree with him. Another modern favorite of Johnson’s is his 2010 Rolls-Royce Phantom (and who are we to disagree?) It’s something he has always coveted. “When I was a kid they were unattainable. So when I got a chance to buy one, I did. I drive it like I stole it.” Good for him.

A Bentley 4 and ½-liter Vandenplas is also in his stable. Johnson calls it the most iconic British motorcar he has ever seen. “It just oozes Britishness,” he said. He also talks about its racing heritage. “You had to have a lot of money and a lot of balls to [race] one of these cars,” he points out. “A lot of people died driving them.” And finally there is a Fiat Abarth. Johnson calls this the “Ferrari’s little cousin.” Seriously but then again it is a pint-sized performer just like he’s a pint-sized rocker. He supposedly drags it around behind his tour bus just so he has a car to drive.

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