Will Tires Eventually Help Charge Electric Cars?

If it's up to Goodyear, they might. Goodyear is showing off two new concept tires at the Geneva Motor Show, the BHO3 and the Triple Tube. The BHO3 is an idea that would help give electric cars better range, and the Triple Tube is a tire that would self-adjust its shape depending on the type of driving.

The BHO3 would be able to achieve this goal through the use of thermo-piezoelectric material inside the tire. Through energy and heat created from the movement and flexing of the rubber while the car is driving, the interior material would absorb this heat and put that energy back into the car batteries. How that transfer would be made is not yet detailed. Goodyear also said that the rubber on the exterior of the tire would be designed to better absorb sunlight and turn that into usable energy, as well.

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The second tire concept is the Triple Tube, which, as the name indicates, has three separate air chambers within the tire. With the help of sensors, the pressure in each tube changes to better assist the driving experience. There are three modes: eco/safety, sporty, and wet traction. The eco mode keeps all three tubes the same, the sporty mode slightly deflates the inside tubes, and the wet mode inflates the middle tube more to keep water dispersal at a maximum.

As of right now, these are just concepts with no actual timeline for production, but the ideas seem solid.

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