Watch How a Ford Falcon Became a Weapon of 'Mass Instruction'

Conventional thinking is not for everyone, and thank goodness, because the world would be a whole lot duller. And we would definitely never see anything like this.  Meet Raul Lemesoff. He's an eccentric artist hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and the proud owner of a tank. It's called the "Weapon of Mass Instruction" and Lemesoff has been using it as a traveling library to deliver free books all across Argentina's urban centers. His only condition? That you promise to read the book. Take a look. RELATED: The awesome Troller T4 is Brazil's Ford Bronco
According to DesignBoom, despite its armored appearance and swiveling turret, Lemesoff's tank is a peaceful brute capable of hauling around 900 books of various literary classes: from novels and biographies, to collections of poetry. But peel away all the shelves of paperbacks and you'll find there's actually a 1979 Ford Falcon underneath. Raul created his Weapon of Mass Instruction in conjunction with 7UP's "Feels Good to Be You" campaign, which celebrates originality, unique talents, and in his case – 2015's World Book Day (March 5). “Humanity has perpetrated knowledge through books,” notes Lemesoff. “And I think they should get around more.” By the looks of it, they are. A quick trip to a local school yard nearly cleared the tank's shelves. Weapons of Mass Instruction might not solve all of the world's problems, but a few more tanks with books instead of bullets couldn't hurt. RELATED: See Gas Monkey Garage's sweet '63 Ford Falcon ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on Boldride