2015 Mustang GT Goes Up in Flames After Dealership Visit

In today's "holy-crap-what-if-this-happened-to-me news," one less 2015 Ford Mustang GT is on the road after catching fire while cruising the highway. The Deep Impact Blue 5.0, which had only 6,000 miles on it, started pluming smoke shortly after the owner had left a dealership for attendance to "warranty issues." Thinking the car was simply overheating, Mustang6G.com member 5ohslow lifted the hood to find a fury of flames. He was able to get away unscathed, but the car had a less-than-stellar fate. There were apparently no modifications on the car, and he was simply getting the heating and cooling seats replaced on both sides. RELATED: Check Out the Beefed-Up 2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350

"I also had a small hole that was on a seam weld on the hood looked at," 5ohslow wrote in the forum. "They also did a windshield test and we're looking for some things around the cowl. The car drove fine after I picked it up. Didn't notice anything immediately wrong."

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Here's the full post: "Just picked my car back up from the dealership for some warranty issues. Driving on the freeway and noticed some white smoke coming from the hood. It progressively got worse so I pulled over into the shoulder. Instinctively thought the car was over heating and it was steam from the radiator.

"So I proceeded to pop the hood as flames burst from the edges of the hood. Here's the outcome. Insurance is going to love me. There were no mods to the car. It had 6k miles."

Speculatively, this sounds like it could have some sort of error by a mechanic. Here's to hoping for stories of more burnouts and less burn ups in the future.

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