This Stunning Ferrari is an 85-Year-Old Birthday Present

If you're a fan of Ferrari design, you've got an eye for Pininfarina. The revered Italian coachbuilder and design firm has been the basis of Prancing Horse design, more or less, for the past six decades.  Much of that work has been accomplished under one man: Sergio Pininfarina, son of company founder Battista 'Pinin' Farina. Now, in celebration of his lifetime of achievement, 60 years of collaboration with Ferrari, and the firm's 85th anniversary – Sergio is getting his own tribute car. This is that car. It's called the Pininfarina Ferrari Sergio, and while one of us may not like it, I think it's stunning. RELATED: See More of the Pininfarina Ferrari Sergio The public first laid eyes on the Sergio two years ago at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show when the car was revealed in concept form. Pininfarina has since announced that the svelte targa concept would receive a production run, albeit a very limited one. Only six cars will be produced, some of which have already been delivered, and each will feature different exterior and interior colors and treatments. This is one of the rarified sextuplets. At its core, the Ferrari Sergio is based on the standard Ferrari 458 Spider, although from looking at the sports car it isn't overly evident. Pininfarina have relaxed the angular maw of the 458, replaced it with some quite elegant rounded features, and dressed its bottom lip in black. The matte black finish runs along the Sergio's side skirts, slices definitively through its midsection, and highlights the car's recessed rear taillights. There's something very 'Ferrari Daytona' about that front end. RELATED: See Photos of the Ferrari Sergio Concept Power comes from high up on the 458 food chain, the 458 Speciale, which means 600 rampaging ponies will exit the tailpipes from that bombastic 4.5-liter V8. The zero to 60 mph sprint is allegedly handled in a scant three seconds. But given that there are only six, we'll have to take Ferrari's word on that. RELATED: Ferrari F12 Reborn as Touring Berlinetta Lusso _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide

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