Nissan Sway Brings Handsome Design to the Microcar Lineup

Have you seen the new Nissan Murano? How about the Maxima that debuted during the Super Bowl? Those are pretty darn sharp-looking vehicles, and the company's creased and wavy future is continuing at the Geneva Motor Show with this Sway Concept, a mini that will likely be the replacement for the Euro Micra. The Sway is an obvious exercise of Nissan's and Shiro Nakamura's V-Motion language. Looking to mix up the current less-than-exciting compact hatchbacks, the Sway incorporates a version of Nissan's boomerang head and taillights, it uses a blacked-out pillar to give the effect of a floating roof, it has a heightened rear panel, and charges with the V-shaped grille. PHOTOS: Check Out the Full Nissan Sway Concept Gallery

Filed under "Things That Won't Make Production" are the Sway's suicide doors and lack of a B-pillar. Nissan says the interior, which can easily be seen through an enormous panoramic roof, was inspired by the IDx Concept it first brought to Tokyo back in 2013 (Sigh ... the IDx ...). Again, the thing it most likely has in common? It won't realistically make it into consumer's cars.

The seats are suede-like-material-covered aluminum, there's an enormous touchscreen incorporated into the dash, only two dials, and even a few of the switches in the center module look almost aircraft-like. There are even a couple hints that remind you of a McLaren of Lamborghini in there (let's hear it, I can see the name-calling a mile away). For a miniature car, it'd be one hell of a great interior, and that's exactly why it's just a design exercise.

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Because it's just for fun, there's no drivetrain information whatsoever. Hopefully, after this car translates into the Micra overseas, some of this design will trickle to the Versa and the Note.

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