Ford's New e-Bikes Mix the Best of Car and Bike Tech

The e-bike has been around for a while now, and for many it's a brilliant alternative for navigating today's large urban areas. But even great ideas have room for improvement, and Ford has revealed two new e-bike concepts that look to lead that charge.  Meet the MoDe:Me and the MoDe:Pro. The electrified two-wheelers are part of Ford's Smart Mobility plan, an initiative to change the way the world gets around. In this case, they begin to blur the lines between bikes and cars. RELATED: Check out the Ford C-MAX Solar Energi Concept No, you won't forget that you're sitting atop a pedal-powered vehicle, but Ford is treating its MoDe concepts to smart tech better associated with four-wheeled vehicles, such as advanced safety features and navigation. Each bike features iPhone 6 connectivity that allows users to access Ford's MoDe:Link system, providing riders with turn-by-turn navigation and giving users the ability to map routes that use other forms of transportation in a simple app. While in transit, the system vibrates the bike's handlebars lightly to indicate turns, automatically engages turn signals, and, thanks to a rear-facing ultrasonic sensor, it can even alert riders to overtaking vehicles. RELATED: Caterham Carbon E-Bike is one hardcore off-roader Behind the scene, both e-bikes are powered by a nine-amp-hour battery and provide pedal assistance up to 15.5 mph from a 200-watt electric motor. But on the surface both are uniquely suited for different riders.Ford says the MoDe:Me is intended for urban commuters in congested city traffic. As such, it folds and will stow easily in a Ford Focus and can be carried easily onto buses or trains. The MoDe:Pro is intended for more commercial use (think couriers and food delivery services). Although it also stores in compact vehicles, it fits larger tires and tacks on rear storage compartments. There's even a “No Sweat” mode that adjusts electric pedal assistance to match heart rate – you know, so you don't show up to a business meeting looking like a puddle. As of now, both e-bikes are prototypes and we doubt if they did come to market they won't be undercutting any of Ford's four-wheeled sales. RELATED: Motoped Survival Bike a Must-Have in a Zombie Apocalypse ______________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide