NanoFlowcell Quantino is a Hot Little Hatchback With a 600-Mile Range

Coming off the lovely looking Quant coupe last year, NanoFlowcell unveiled its new coupe the Quantino at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. It is the first quant low-voltage vehicle in the world, and it looks pretty darn attractive. Just look at those 22-inch wheels. According to info from NanoFlowCell, the Quantino has a top speed of more than 125 mph and a range of more than 625 miles. The best part? It’s apparently a concept with a strong shot at being developed. PHOTOS: See More of the NanoFlowcell Quantino Hatchback "The Quantino is an electric vehicle for everyone. Affordable and featuring an extravagant, unique design. It is not just a concept vehicle - it will become reality in the course of this year. We will be driving the Quantino in 2015. And we aim to attain approval for road use very quickly," said Nunzio La Vecchia, Chief Technical Officer at nanoFlowcell AG. La Vecchia says it uses low-voltage technology, such as you might find on golf carts. He adds, “We generate very high currents at a very low rated voltage which are perfect for the purposes of the low-voltage system.” Plus it’s just so good looking. RELATED: See More Photos of the Quant F Super Coupe So, what is flow cell? According to Tech Metal Insiders, “A flow cell is, in simple terms, a battery that operates like a fuel cell. The electrolytes ‘holding’ energy are liquids, and power is generated using electrodes and a membrane.” A flow cell is supposedly easier to work with than lithium ion batteries in terms of recharging and flow cell offers greater range. It also apparently has none of the high-infrastructure costs associated with hydrogen. If it all sounds really confusing, it's because it is. Either way, a handsome hatchback that doesn't burn fossil fuels sounds like something we can get behind (if it works).
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