Aston Martin DBX EV Concept is a Red Carpet Dazzler

So far, this year's Geneva Motor Show has delivered in full when it comes to gorgeous concepts and stunning production cars. From the Audi R8 to the Lamborghini Aventador SV, and everything in between. But Aston Martin has been busy cooking up a concept and it might just be the best looking thing to hit the show floor.  Meet the 2015 Aston Martin DBX – a striking all-electric and all-wheel-drive GT crossover from the future. As Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer explains, it's surely a concept. However it will foreshadow a car segment that the company will be entering in due course. The plot thickens. RELATED: See more photos of the all-new Aston Martin DBX Concept In terms of powertrain – the DBX marks a significant moment in Aston history. Underneath that sleek and high-riding body lie front and rear electric motors driven by lithium-sulphur battery cells. Aston hasn't provided any performance figures, but given the brand's pedigree, expect “fast” to be a leading descriptor. The electrification process is complemented by new drive-by-wire steering, auto-dimming windows, carbon ceramic brakes, rearview cameras in place of mirrors, and a kinetic energy recovery system. These might as well be specs for an all-new hypercar. But they're not. In fact, Aston Martin says the DBX has a specific bend on day-to-day practicality. Inside, the Aston offers opulent seating for four, permits luggage storage in both the front hatch and rear trunk thanks to the low-slung electric drivetrain, and features luxurious materials such as velvety Nubuck leather and aluminum trimming. If Indiana Jones designed a car interior, this would be it. RELATED: 800HP Aston Martin Vulcan is a pure terror on wheels If there were any doubts as to how motorists of the future will zip around town – the electric vehicle looks to be that answer. Despite a penchant for high-powered internal combustion, the DBX and other concept and production cars like it prove that even the performance leaders of the world think so, too. VIDEO: See James Bond's new Aston Martin DB10 during filming of 'SPECTRE' _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide