750HP Lamborghini Aventador SV Drops the Mic in Geneva

At a certain point in any Lamborghini’s life cycle, there comes a moment where fast is just not fast enough. In that moment, Lamborghini attempts, and succeeds, at turning up the dials on its wickedly fast supercars all the way past 11. Well, that time has come for the big daddy of Lamborghini’s fleet, the Aventador. While the Aventador’s 700 horsepower V12 is an absolute monster of a motor, and the car attached to that engine is no slouch in the least — everyone knows what time it is. It’s time for a Super Veloce. RELATED: See More of the 750HP Lamborghini Aventador SV     Lamborghini is calling this Aventador LP750-4 SV the “most reactive car on the planet,” and we’re sure they aren’t lying. The naturally aspirated V12 has been bumped up a mere 50 horsepower from 700 to 750 horsepower. It’s also lighter, loosing 110 lbs. of weight along the way. But the changes made by Lamborghini don’t stop there. Like all Super Veloce’s of the past, this new Aventador SV gets quite a bit of aero changes to help the car stay as planted as possible while taking a turn. Just look at the massive stationary rear wing at the back. Or the front and rear diffusers that channel air through the car to almost glue the big Lamborghini to the pavement. RELATED: See Photos of the Insane Lamborghini Egoista We’ve been hearing rumors about the new SV for about a year, ever since a Lamborghini dealership in the UK started selling list spots, in the flesh. But this Aventador looks to be an absolute monster of a car. Oh, and it has a 217 mph top speed, which isn't bad at all. We can’t wait to see what it can do once it hits the roads. RELATED: See Photos of the Wild Lamborghini Sesto Elemento _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide