Angel's Perfect '85 Toyota Tercel 4WD: Your Ride

Last week, I professed my love for the Toyota Tercel 4WD on the Internets, I was expecting an onslaught of “this guy is crazy” remarks, but, overall, the response was tremendous. It appears quirky four-wheeling wagons have quite the fan base.  One such devotee is BoldRide reader Angel M., and this is his stunningly original '85 Toyota Tercel 4WD SR5. The story about how he bought the car is quite interesting – we'll let him tell it, in his own words. RELATED: See more photos of the Toyota Tercel 4wD Wagon “I lived in El Salvador when the Tercel wagons came out in 1982 – the car looked like a spaceship. For a third-world country, the Tercel wagon was just a mind-blowing car, and I fell in love. My parents could not afford one, and if they could, I'm sure the styling was not their choice. “Many years later, I now live in California and I finally own an '85 Toyota Tercel 4WD SR5 model – pristine, rust-free, unmolested, with an original 95,000 miles. It lives in my garage with a cover and goes out for about 2 miles every Sunday. People stare at it everywhere. I'm hoping to preserve this example for generations to come. “Since I moved to the States in 1989, I looked for a pristine example but it took me years to find one. I set 'reminders' on car-buying sites. Every time a Toyota Tercel ad would go live, I would get a notice but for years, I went disappointed. RELATED: This late '80s Toyota Celica rally car looks stunning “However, one evening while dropping my son off for soccer practice, I got a notice for an '85 SR5 model. I didn't get my hopes up until I saw the pictures, and then I knew this one was it. The listing was in Sacramento. I live in Orange County. “From the soccer field, I called the seller and asked him two questions: 'Does the vehicle have a clean title, and are the miles original?' Yes and yes. I told him I wasn't going to haggle with him and would be on the next flight out of Orange County. He started laughing, but I told him I wasn't kidding. “He agreed to hold the car for me. I purchased the ticket within the hour, got on the flight, and he picked me up at the Oakland airport around 1 pm the next day. RELATED: This gorgeous concept car could be the new Toyota Supra “As we pulled up to that driveway, I remember getting chills when I got a glimpse of the 'TOYOTA' letters at the top of the rear lid – there it was, a one-owner, ivory-color, pristine Tercel 4WD wagon. His mom greeted me at the door – it was her car – and she wanted to talk first. “She shared with me that her husband purchased the wagon at Sacramento Toyota in February 1985. She fell in love with it from day one and drove it daily for about 15 years, but health issues came up and she could no longer push the clutch pedal down. She made me promise that I would take care of it in the same way she took care of it. I promised. “We drove to the bank where she had a surprise for me. In her safety deposit box, she kept the window sticker and brochure from Toyota. I was floored. I paid her the money, left Sacramento at 5:30 pm and arrived in Orange County at 1 am. The car drove like a dream. RELATED: The 1970s Toyota Land Cruiser is one tough ute "Since then, I put the original style Michelin tires on that came from the factory and haven't changed anything else. My local Toyota dealership services the car – the mechanics absolutely love the wagon. I even got an invitation to showcase it at a Toyota show back in 2013." Got an interesting car story? Share it with us! _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide