Watch a Jaguar Chase an Aston Martin During Filming of 'SPECTRE'

We’ve already seen James Bond’s new ride the Aston Martin DB10. And we’ve already seen what the baddies will be driving in the new Jaguar C-X75 with a supercharged V8. But we’ve yet to seen the two quite like this. Filming in Rome, the two cars are seen, one after another, taking a corner and getting some sweet chase scene shots. If we’re being honest, the Aston does it with a little more style than the Jag, but we can’t deny that supercharged V8 from the C-X75. RELATED: See Photos of Bond's New Aston Martin DB10
It’s still pretty early in filming still, so we won’t see any of Bond’s new moves until later in the year. But if these two cars are any indication, the chase scenes should at least be epic. VIDEO: Watch James Bond and His Fleet of Aston Martin DB10s Take on Rome _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide