Protect the Cul-de-sac With This Military Volkswagen

While the mentality has existed forever, the idea of 'doomsday prepping' has recently begun to catch on in the mainstream. We've got prepping reality TV shows, prepper food storage companies, and even bunker-building firms. But what's the perfect out-of-the-box prepper vehicle?  Aside from a Mercedes AMG 6x6... the Volkswagen Iltis fits the bill quite well. The ex-military ute features a simple design, rugged 4x4 engineering, and just enough “get-out-of-my-way” looks to keep you on the safe side of a disaster. Interested? This 1979 Iltis is up for sale on eBay. RELATED: Volkswagen might build this off-roady Beetle Dune Concept The Iltis concept was born unto the mid-70s. At the time, the German military was frantically looking for a replacement for its aged DKW Munga. Conveniently, Volkswagen was looking for a new military contract. The Germans initially ordered Volkswagen Type 181's (or 'Things'), but Volkswagen later followed up with the Iltis in 1978. Its prompt was simple: carry four people, lots of gear, and be able to get through nearly anything. It did just that. The Iltis featured a modified suspension derived from the Munga with a four-wheel-drive system developed from the Audi 100. In a testament to its rugged durability, Volkswagen campaigned four Iltis utes at the 1980 Paris-Dakar rally. They finished first, second, fourth, and ninth. Even more impressive, the Iltis directly inspired the legendary Audi quattro. Not bad. This '79 example appears to be in rather good health, with the seller noting only 47,125 miles (75,840 kilometers) on the clock. Early Iltis models received a 75 horsepower 1.7-liter four-cylinder. This Iltis boasts what appears to be a later model 1.6-liter turbo diesel engine, which the seller says was installed at a VW specialist shop. Rambo costume and ammo bandolier not included. RELATED: Did you know Volkswagen made a Golf 4x4? _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide