Koenigsegg Shows More of the Agera RS Before Geneva

For a motor show that seemingly every company (and sister company) is bringing some serious supercar heat, Koenigsegg decided to one-up everybody and debut two supercars. Well, one hypercar and one supercar. Along with the mysterious monster Regara the Swedish manufacturer is cooking up, Koenigsegg is also debuting the Agera RS. So far, the two images you see here are the only two looks Koenigsegg has given the public of the hotted-up Agera R. Unfortunately, everything you can see has already been featured on the R. The large rear wing, the rear vents, and the carbon fiber wheels are nothing new (though the end fins on the wing are different). RELATED: The Koenigsegg Regera Will be the Fastest Car in the World, And Hybrid

According to Koenigsegg, the RS will carry performance lessons from the One:1, Agera S, and Agera R models while maintaining a level of "everyday usability" for less serious driving.

The R sits at 1,140 horsepower, and the One:1 sits at 1,341 horses, so the RS should settle in somewhere between there. Expect an evolution of the advanced suspension and an even more profuse use of carbon to cut weight. Make sure you're watching March 3 for the full reveal.

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