398HP Clubman GT is the Meanest Mini You’ll Ever See

The standard Mini Clubman isn't everyone's cup of tea, and we get it. The stretched hatchback look is a hard one to pull off. But the Mini brand's latest iteration might just be thing that lights your Clubman fire. It's called the Clubman Vision Gran Turismo. It's currently available for digital download on Gran Turismo 6, and you'll notice one thing immediately – it looks absolutely mean.  The designers at Mini were given free reign to tear into the Clubman and increase its sporting credentials. As such, this digital version features strong visual cues like a low-slung roofline, tilted rear tailgate, a gaping maw, and racy tape-effect headlights. To ensure there's something gorgeous to see from your GT6 driving perspective, the rear bumper juts triumphantly out and up, and is accented by a double rear spoiler and two searing elliptical taillights. RELATED: Get a Closer Look at the 2015 Mini Clubman GT Concept Based on looks alone, Mini should frankly port this car over from digital world to real world, but take proposed performance into play... and it's a winner for sure. Mini gave this Clubman concept its All4 racing setup (like Mini's Dakar winning rally car), which denotes permanent all-wheel-drive and the addition of a six-speed sequential racing transmission. Couple that with a high-powered 389 horsepower engine and the 2,315 lb. Mini will leap from zero to 60 mph in less than 3.5 seconds and top out at a heady 180 mph. To handle that power, Mini's designers pushed the wheels out to the farthest corners of the car, widened the car's track, and slotted in carbon fiber diffusers and highly adjustable dampers. Of course, these statistics are all for nought given that the Clubman Vision GT will remain confined to the racing circuits of your Playstation. But it makes you wonder. Would anyone buy this hardcore Clubman if it netted a limited and perhaps track-only production run? RELATED: Mini Might Actually Produce this Gorgeous Superleggera Concept _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide

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