Watch Lamborghini Tease the 2016 Aventador SV

One of the most iconic Lamborghinis of the past decade is the Murcielago LP 670–4 SuperVeloce (SV). Packed with 661 horsepower, the most powerful Murci debuted at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show. Six years later, the Murcielago's successor, the Aventador, is getting the same extreme treatment and debuting at the same auto show.  The Aventador SV will officially come out from under the covers March 3 as what Lamborghini is calling the "most reactive" car the company has ever made. The new model will have a new front fascia, bigger intakes, new wheels, an enormous rear wing, and centered quad exhaust. RELATED: The Extreme One-Seater Egoista is Lamborghini's 50th Birthday Gift To Itself

Official performance numbers have yet to be released, but considering the Murcielago SV received a 30 horsepower bump, and the base Aventador has 690 horses, it wouldn't be a shock to see this SV reach anywhere from 730-750. Combine that with a tuned suspension, and a likely 200-250lb weight drop, and you'll have a rocket of a vehicle.

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