Buy Dennis Rodman's Custom Hummer H1 and Become a Legend

A Dennis Rodman vehicle just wouldn't be a Dennis Rodman vehicle without some sort of insanely terrible customization to match his wildly eccentric personality. A few years ago, Rodman sold his metallic gold and black Lamborghini Gallardo, and a college kid bought it. Today, he's selling the Hummer H1 he had customized, and you can be the lucky one to buy it. As of this typing, it's going on eBay for $55,000. Included in that steal of a price, you get an "INSANE ATTENTION GETTER. ONE OF A KIND. IT'S AIRBRUSHED NOT WRAPPED DONE IN CALIFORNIA, THIS IS A PIECE OF ART." That's a direct quote from the listing. RELATED: Check Out Some of Michael Jordan’s Coolest Rides

If you notice, on the photo above, there are some parts that are blurred out. That's because, aside from the rugged concrete look and the creepy peeper in the back, this Hummer comes covered in a bunch of airbrushed naked women. It's the perfect family neighborhood grocery getter and carpool machine.

Considering the description in the listing says the car was painted in Cali, it's likely that the the stamp on the rear that says "Colormania" refers to the San Diego motorcycle paint shop. So what do you think? Time to upgrade from that Corolla, no?

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