This Custom Ducati 750 Really is One Little Monster

Out of all the bikes in Ducati’s lineup, the Monster has to be the most heralded and most historic of them all. I mean, they’ve been pumping out Monster bikes in Italy since 1933. This one, though, is no regular Monster. This is something special. It’s called “The Dreamliner,” and it was created by LA craftsman Michael Woolaway. If you know the name, it's because he has hand built some of the finest custom bikes for movie stars and enthusiasts alike. RELATED: See More Photos of the Ducati Monster 750 Dreamliner Custom Like all of his bikes, the devil is in the details. As a longtime racer, Woolaway makes sure that each custom creation handles as well on the road as it would on the road course. It features a 750cc L-twin, Cone engineering pipes, and Brembo brakes, just to name some of the details. Not to mention the perfectly crafted design. Woolaway crafts the tank, fender, and seat cowl completely by hand using aluminum. He then wraps it in leather, waterproofs it, and sends it off into the world for everyone to lust after. Though he doesn’t give a price on something like this, it surely costs a pretty penny. RELATED: New Ducati 1299 Panigale is Idiot-Proof _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide