Tanner Foust Heads Back to Formula D in... a Passat?

Rally champion? Check. Formula D champion? Check. Top Gear US host and skilled athlete? Check and check. Tanner Foust has done it all, but it seems the talented driver is heading back into the insane world that is Formula Drift. To celebrate that return, Rockstar, Foust’s primary sponsor, made a quick teaser to psych everybody up for his return and give a few glimpses of his new drift car. Hint: It's not a Beetle. RELATED: Ken Block's 1965 Ford Mustang Hoonicorn RTR Will Eat You Alive
For those who didn’t catch what Foust will be driving, it's a customized Formula D Volkswagen Passat. How weird do those words look? Why Volkswagen would choose the Passat is beyond us. It's about as far from a performance car as you can get. It’s just all beige and boring, especially compared to the recently launched Golf R. RELATED: Get up close and personal with Tanner's RWB Beetle here. However, as you might already know, Formula D is quite a fluid and odd form of racing. People come and go, and the choice of engines and cars tend to change every other day. Within Formula D, the engines don’t even need to be part of the automaker's lineup for them to use it in the car. For instance, Foust's car appears to be powered by a small block Chevy motor. Currently the sport is dominated by Chevy’s LS series engine. The ease at which these motors can handle horsepower and produce mind blowing amounts of torque makes them perfect for getting superlight cars sliding sideways at unbelievable speeds. We will be able to check out Tanner’s new car this coming April for the kickoff for the Formula D season at Long Beach. RELATED: Watch a Mom Drift Her Toyota Minivan Through LA
Tanner Foust Heads Back to Formula D in... a Passat?
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