Watch a Guy Drive a McLaren P1 to Buy a LaFerrari and a 918 Spyder

What's the most you've ever done in 24 hours? Don't answer that. Although it's surely an impressive feat, a particular 24-hour span in the life of this man tops quite a lot of lists. His name is Paul Bailey. Remember him? He's the first UK resident to collect all three of the vaunted hybrid hypercars – the Ferrari LaFerrari, Porsche 918 Spyder, and McLaren P1. But what makes it even more spectacular is the way he did it. In just a few hours, Bailey drove his previously acquired McLaren P1 to a Ferrari dealership and then once again to a Porsche dealership to effectively triple his hypercar collection in one fell swoop. He took a video crew along with him - take a look. RELATED: See More Photos of the all-new McLaren P1 GTR
What a day that must have been. Upon collecting his new LaFerrari, which he ordered more than a year ago, Bailey handed the keys to the McLaren to his wife, Selena, and the pair made the jaunt to the Porsche dealership. His first driving impressions in the Ferrari are insightful to say the least, and rather humorously, its trip computer showed a top speed of 60 miles per hour and an average speed of 2 mph as he coasted out of the dealership. Bet it didn't stay like that for long... Bailey's Porsche 918 features a brilliant pearlescent white paint job with Acid Green accents, which his wife picked out for the car. With all three hypercars in tow, the Baileys passed off the P1 keys and gave the trio a quick jog down the motorway. Perhaps he sums it up best: “As a kid I'd have been happy if I got one Ferrari all my life. To have the LaFerrari, the 918, and the P1 is mental.” RELATED: See More Photos of the Porsche 918 Spyder


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