Uh Oh, Are You a Ferrari Bro?

To say that Ferrari is the measuring stick of the sports car world would be a massive understatement. Enzo Ferrari effectively wrote the book on go-fast performance and looks. But being top-of-the-pile has a few drawbacks... mainly, you get a fair share of, shall we say, overzealous new owners. We'll call them the 'Ferrari Bros' – the guys who treat a brand new Ferrari 458 like a rental car, make their way across town in a serious of street races, and think you're talking about a Pontiac when you mention the word 'GTO'. Not sure what we're on about? This hilarious video from Car Bros does a pretty comprehensive job of driving the point home. Take a look. RELATED: Check out the all-new 660 horsepower Ferrari 488 GTB
The video highlights the life and times of Ferrari bro Damien Stonebrook in stellar parody, from his mention of “gran prixes” to the totally untrue story about Enzo Ferrari going to the Lamborghini brothers to buy a car, and even filling up the car with standard 87 octane gas. One YouTube commenter phrases it well, “Satirical gold.” No, we're not saying all Ferrari owners are like this but it's this image of the 'bro' that is much more popularized than the guy who meticulously waxes his '70s berlinetta boxer every week in anticipation for a Ferrari club meet. We can presume this 'bro' won't be getting that invite. RELATED: It doesn't get more hardcore than the 2015 Ferrari FXX K