This Vintage LEGO Jeep Costs More than Some Actual Jeeps

If you played with LEGO blocks as a kid, you probably didn't think twice about keeping the packaging, much less keeping the entire set intact. You were a kid – it was playtime. Some people did, however, and despite losing a few childhood memories, they're probably laughing all the way to the bank now.  Vintage unopened toys mean big bucks to collectors, and this very rare 1968 LEGO Jeep 330 set is no exception. It's currently up for sale on eBay, and despite its tiny stature, it might cost you more than an actual used 1990 Jeep Cherokee ($1,049). RELATED: These LEGO Mario Kart sets are ridiculously cool Then again it's not your average LEGO vehicle set. The 1968 330 Jeep comes from a time when LEGO was still working its way into the US market. The Danish company needed a licensing and distribution partner in the US to manage its product. They found one in the form of the Samsonite luggage company. For years, Samsonite sold both its own US-developed sets and European sets in North America and this never-been-opened Jeep falls right in the midst of that affair. It even predates LEGO's own US headquarters, which opened its doors in 1973 in Enfield, Connecticut. The seller notes that the 330 Jeep was originally a European set, which was then retailed by Samsonite for the US market. Does that add a bit of value to its remarkable condition? Perhaps. Overall, the years have treated this brick 4x4 quite well. RELATED: This Back to the Future Toyota 4x4 LEGO set is Amazing How would you rather spend your hard-earned $1000 – an uber-rare LEGO Jeep or a first-installment on the real thing? And if you did buy the LEGO... would you open it? RELATED: Take a close look at the 1969 Jeep Commando ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide