Watch This Guy Try and Clear Snow With a Jet Engine

There's a simple way to do most everything, whether it involves changing a lightbulb or shoveling snow off your back porch. While there's plenty of room for radical innovation, usually the tried and true method works best. But don't tell that to these guys – they're having too much fun. The guys from PowerModz wanted to clear some snow off a back lot, so they conveniently took a Toyota Land Cruiser with a jet engine mounted on the back and set to work trying to clear some snow. The key word there is "trying." Unsurprisingly, we don't think this will be catching on in your neighborhood any time soon. RELATED: This Insane Nissan Juke with Tank Treads Can Handle Any Blizzard
That's mainly because while the jet engine spits out some pretty high winds and a heck of a lot of noise, the snow stays right where it was, apart from the errant flying diesel snowball. If you're looking to clear some snow this winter, we suggest using that jet engine fund on a snow plow, then again, we hear mounting a snowblower to the front of your Jeep also works too. RELATED: Watch Ken Block Hit the Ski Slopes in his Massive F-150 RaptorTRAX _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide