This is the Nicest Chevy Corvair Van We’ve Ever Seen

The Chevrolet Corvair hearkens to an interesting time in General Motors history. While we won't get into the politics of its safety, a la 1965's Unsafe at Any Speed, it is undeniable that the rear-engined Corvair helped American motorists get from their big '50s sedans into much smaller and sportier compact cars. Though if you did want something big... the Corvair could do that too. This is a Greenbrier, and it formed one of four utility vehicle variants of the standard Corvair chassis. This 1965 version is quite a rare bird indeed, and if it leaves you swooning – you're in luck. It's up for sale on eBay. RELATED: Take a closer look at the sleek 1969 Corvair Monza The Greenbrier van came onto the scene in 1961, alongside a Corvair panel van and two pickup truck variants, and offered quite practical people-moving abilities. At the back, the Greenbrier's flat-six engine developed 80 horsepower, and in the middle it could stuff up to nine passengers or umpteen loads of cargo. As standard, the Greenbrier came in a six door configuration (two front, two side, and two rear), though buyers could order their Greenbriers with a second set of side doors, as seen here. Production started out of the gates strong with a total of 18,489 models flying out of Chevy's factory doors in 1961, though with production winding down and an earful of bad press, the 1965 model year saw a scant 1,528 Greenbriers produced, making this one – also a 'Deluxe' version – rarer still. RELATED: Check out more photos of the Corvair Greenbrier While the seller is quick to note the car's extensive restoration using many new old stock parts, it's fairly plain to see just from pictures alone – it's absolutely gorgeous. Original mileage is unlisted, however the seller says it has traveled a mere 100 miles since its restoration. Not a fan of the Volkswagen Type 2? We've found a good alternative. RELATED: Check out this dealer-offered camping package for the Greenbrier _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide