Aston Martin Vulcan Will Literally Roast Other Supercars

There are four things that can be considered fact about Aston Martin's secret new car. One, it's called the Vulcan. Two, it's exhaust note will give you an eargasm. Three, it has a massive, massive, massive rear wing. And four, it spits hot fire out of its dual side exhausts like nobody's business. So what's the word on what's powering this beast? This past summer Aston Martin struck up a "partnership" with AMG. Early reports said that cars with AMG engines should start arriving around 2016, which would put the upcoming Vulcan right in line with the plan. So will it be a twin-turbo V8, or will Aston take a page out of Pagani's book and source a V12 from AMG? That remains to be seen. RELATED: Watch a Lamborghini Rev Until it Catches Fire
So, for now, on this beautiful Saturday, enjoy this glorious loop of future auto greatness. RELATED: See Photos of the 2015 McLaren P1 GTR _____________________________________

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