Here's Where Reckless Driving, DUI Destroy Your Insurance Premiums

OK,  so most of us here at BoldRide like to drive fast. Too fast. But we may slow down after reading one single reckless driving ticket could knock our insurance rates up on average by 83%. It’s a good thing the cops were on donut break when I had that Corvette Z06 back in January. It’s also good none of us live in North Carolina. In the Tar Heel state, one in four drivers is in the high risk pool. I swam there for a while in my 20s. It’s not a good place to be. RELATED: See More of the All-New Corvette Z06 Those depressing stats come courtesy of It commissioned a study that found “car insurance premiums can climb by as much as 92 percent after a single moving violation on average nationwide.” But there is some hope — as long as you don’t get pulled over for DUI or reckless driving. Go to court and fight your ticket. You stand a good chance of getting it reduced or wiped out if you sit through an online class or watch a dopey traffic safety movie. RELATED: Guy Buys Challenger Hellcat and Immediately Totals It The Top 5 traffic offenses that are going to jack your rates are: • DWI/DUI - 92.4% • Reckless Driving - 83.2% • Speeding 31+ Miles Over the Limit - 29.2% • Speeding 16-30 Miles Over the Limit - 28.0% • Careless Driving - 21.3 But where you live is also going to affect how bad your rate increase is. After all, those are just average percentages listed above. Some states are going to be higher— way higher. Case in point is North Carolina. A DUI conviction in North Carolina will result in an average premium increase of 337%. A reckless driving violation in Hawaii will result in an average premium increase of 287%. Image Credit: _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide