Watch a Mom Drift Her Toyota Minivan Through LA

The Toyota Sienna minivan is many things: well equipped, practical, and attractively styled. But a rear-drive drift machine... it most certainly is not (to the chagrin of some parents). That presents a problem. What do you do if you want tire-shredding performance in a pedestrian people carrier?  Retail chain Famous Footwear was confronted with that same dilemma. So it went ahead and built a V8 powered, rear-drive Sienna. They gave it to stuntwoman Shauna Duggins and she proceeded to hoon it around Los Angeles like Ken Block in Gymkhana 7. Tire torture ensues. This is “Momkhana.” RELATED: Check out Ken Block's 845 horsepower '65 Mustang
The premise is simple: mom picks kids up from school; mom takes kids to pick out new shoes; and, many slidey and tire-smoking things happen in between. The Sienna's new heart transplant – a GM LS3 V8 – chucks a massive 550 horsepower to the rear tires and certainly motivates the minivan to become quite the track star. There's been some backlash from people saying the stunt endangers children and innocent bystanders, but worry not. The production crew filmed on a closed set and the interior shots during the smoky burnouts were filmed with a TV crew pushing the car around on rollers and using a smoke machine – yes, the kids are safe. But don't try this at home with, you know, your family's 550 horsepower Toyota Sienna. VIDEO: Watch Ken Block hoon the all-new Ford Focus RS in Germany ______________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide