Dan Bilzerian's Lamborghini Aventador Shows Up on eBay

Internet sensation and gambling devotee Dan Bilzerian has quite an interesting resumé but an even more eye-catching Instagram feed. Between the girls, guns, and the top-dollar cars, it's safe to say Bilzerian is living the high-roller lifestyle.  But for whatever reason, Dan's 2013 Lamborghini Aventador Roadster no longer fits into that plan, so it must go. His loss is your win however. The exotic Italian supercar is now listed up for sale on eBay with bets opening at $400,000. Yikes. VIDEO: Watch Dan Bilzerian drive a tank over a BMW, Because He Can The car has made an appearance in more than a few of Bilzerian's social media posts, each time looking as slick as ever. Tucked in the boot, the Aventador's heady 6.5-liter V12 offers up 691 horsepower and a raucous 12-cylinder shriek. The listing notes that this car features a new IPE exhaust, which most likely makes that V12 aria even louder. While we could gaze at the Aventador's techy digital dashboard all day, this one reads a scant 957 miles on the clock. That seems fairly low even for a six digit supercar. A quick look at the car's spotless interior and you'd wonder if anyone has ever sat in it at all. RELATED: Dan Bilzerian took his Brabus 6x6 to the Glamis Sand Dunes Even though he's selling his Lamborghini, don't think Dan is giving up on a life of flashy vehicles. His garage is also filled with a Shelby Cobra 427 and a massive Brabus G63 AMG 6x6. Maybe he just needs some room? ______________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide