Twin-Turbo Viper TA Could Win a Race on Intimidation Alone

Of its own merits, the 2014 Viper TA is a bit of a nutter. What it doesn't make up for in bonus power figures, the Time Attack accounts for in hard-lining all 640 horsepower to the ground through its SRT tuned suspension. It's not a car for the faint of heart. But on the other hand, it seems like a car perfectly suited for ungodly amounts of get-up-and-go. RSI Racing Solutions saw that potential, added a pair of turbos to the sticky sports car, and now it's verifiably quite scary indeed. Brace yourselves, this is the world's first twin-turbo Viper TA. VIDEO: Watch a Viper TA drag race the 2015 Corvette Z06 
Sounds like a monster, doesn't it? The dual 72mm turbos spin up with ease and create quite the clatter at the rev limit. It goes fast too, properly very fast. During the video, the driver mashes the throttle while chucking through the gears. The resultant acceleration rockets the Viper from around 90 to over 140 mph in what seemed like an awfully short time. But then again, that's what happens when you have 1042 horsepower and a burly 973 lb-ft of torque on tap. Dodge only built 159 Viper TAs for 2014. If you were lucky enough to get one and would like yours to instantly turn rubber into bubbling puddles of goo, we suggest tracking down one of the guys at RSI. RELATED: Take a closer look at the limited-run 2014 SRT Viper TA _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide